Her extensive repertoire is inspired by her travels and rooted in diverse training, including stage theater, circus arts, acrobatics and yoga. Tammy Firefly’s performances rely on a creative approach to production and the apparatuses she uses, ensuring a memorable experience, whether the production focuses on aerial acrobatics, fire and spark acts, hula hooping, character work, stilt walking or LED visuals.

Whether she is twisting and tumbling through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning performances amaze and delight.

Her passion for performance and design was sparked early on. Since 2002, Tammy Firefly has broadened her range of experience and expertise with successful ventures into performance art, event production, clothing design, yoga and business management. Whether she is crafting her next exhilarating performance or designing inventive apparel pieces, Tammy Firefly strives channel her enthusiasm and energy into the output.

Tammy Firefly also has a vast range of experience in instruction and training. From corporate team building classes to private sessions, Tammy Firefly delivers classes that accommodate all levels and objectives.

Tammy Firefly is based in Los Angeles, California and is available for performances, production coordination and instruction both locally and internationally.