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Aerial Artistry

Suspended high above the crowd, these stunning performances are sure to amaze and enthrall. Lyra acts transform a suspended hoop into a stage for fluid acrobatic dance. The silky bands of Tissu become delicate instruments for displays of mid-air strength, grace and beauty.

Try something completely new, no other act in the world like it. A custom designed aerial apparatus of a Star Tetrahedron, also known as a Merkaba which is a Sacred Geometrical shape which is known as the pattern of all existence. The word ‘Merkaba’ means ‘vehicle of light’ or to ascend. This unique apparatus is extremely special, from the meaning behind the shape and the way it is presented. Used in ceremonial ceremony or a special event to assure an aww from the crowd. This custom apparatus can be performed with or without fire. Imagine…. suspended high above the sky, lit on fire, spiraling in geometrical shape. A one of a kind complete crowd pleaser. For more information on Star Tetrahedron or geometrical patterns I highly recommend googling this to understand more about the apparatus and uniqueness of this specific act.

Depending on the theme and tone of the event, these acts can range from exciting and energetic to ceremonial, dramatic and alluring.

Download Rigging and Aerial Technical Brief

Art and Fire Take Flight

Whether twisting through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning acts amaze and delight.