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Suspended high above the crowd, these stunning performances are sure to amaze and enthrall any audience or crowd. Lyra acts transform a suspended hoop into a stage for fluid acrobatic dance. The silky bands of Tissu become delicate instruments for displays of mid-air strength, grace, and beauty.
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The great party is coming, but you have no ideas about how to make all the guests wowed? In this case, comes to provide the professional aerialist for hire who will make your day. Today, it is quite difficult to find a rig of entertainers who are ready to take all the whelming stuff off your shoulders, but Tammy Firefly is definitely what you need – come and see!

Aerial Acrobatic for Hire: Entrust All the Preparations to the Expert is not an agency, it is a real professional entertainer capable of making any event a dream act – be it a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation night, a corporate meeting, etc. She is the embodiment of different entertainers as well as circus performers – whether you need clowns, bungee jumpers, silk ribbon dancers, trapeze artists, aerialist for hire, professionals who offer master classes, and more, Tammy Firefly will do this for you.

Of course, you may come up with the question ‘Why should I pay anyone to provide me with an aerial acrobatic for hire?’, here is the answer.

You have a chance to get rid of all the preparation stuff. Just imagine that you do not have to think about the place, decorations, silks, entertainment. Hire a professional aerial dancer from and get things done for you.

You are to get the party you have been dreaming about for a long period of time. Just give your preferences concerning the acrobatics and other points you find important. Tammy Firefly had tours all over the world – a local cirque in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, etc. – she can handle anything!
You do not have to waste a lot of money. Of course, these services are paid, but it is up to you how much you will spend on the professional performance. You can look through the whole list of options and choose the thing that suits your pocket the best.
You decide, we do. We never impose an opinion on you – when you place a ‘hire an aerial performance near me’ request mentioning all the details, The professional will make your dreams come true so you enjoy the events to the fullest.

Hire an Aerial Performance at to Make the Day Perfect

Your efforts and time are our priorities as well as we wish you to have fun during the holiday; do not waste time on the issues experts can solve for you, pay attention to some more important things – fitness, SPA, gym, yoga, coffee with friends or any other workout. Leave the ‘aerialist for hire near me’ book via any portable device, and we will take care of all the details. No matter what you ask Tammy Firefly for – a master class, a circus performance, etc., she is here for you to make the day terrific.

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Art and Fire Take Flight

Whether twisting through delicate bands of fabric or spinning high above in rings of fire, Tammy Firefly’s stunning acts amaze and delight.



Anamaya Resort

Anamaya Resort rests on a hill top of MonteZuma, each room is uniquely decorated with either an exquisite ocean or jungle view, open outdoor showers, jungle living and plenty of wildlife to swing with the monkeys or crawl with the iguanas.

The front of the resort opens to an exquisite ocean view and the backyard is on top of the famous MonteZuma waterfall with our own private access gate and a 15min jungle hike to the falls and swimming holes.

There is an infinity pool overlooking the ocean next to the upper yoga/training deck and a second shala cradled in the jungle with an incredible ocean view with all our aerial rigging points.

The food is AMAZING at Anamaya, most of it is farm to table, grown at the sister property Rancho Delicioso (where are also host our TrainCations.

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